Sheriff Heap

Elbert County Sheriff Shayne Heap has served in or managed every division of the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Heap has built strong working relationships and partnerships with elected officials, government offices, community organizations, and other law enforcement agencies, that are critical to the daily functions of the County. His knowledge and skills have proven to be an asset to local law enforcement efforts, and his dedication and professionalism are reflected in the many awards, recognitions and certifications received over the years. Sheriff Heap has set the standard of excellence in Elbert County, leading by example, and demonstrating his commitment to the citizens and employees of Elbert County.

“I am a law enforcement officer, first and foremost. As your Sheriff, I will continue to function as a public servant, not a politician. My first priority is and always will be protecting and improving the lives of Elbert County families. I will continue to focus on what is in the best interest of public safety. I will continue to improve the service and performance of the Sheriff’s Office and lead the department to even higher levels of professionalism.”

Sheriff Heap is a public servant, not a politician; his focus is on making Elbert County a safe and prosperous place to live, work and raise a family. He brings to the job recognized EXPERIENCE, a history of SERVICE to the community, and proven INTEGRITY.

Sheriff Heap is responsible for the daily functions of detentions, patrol, traffic, investigations, records, administration, victims’ advocates, budgeting court security and training. He interacts regularly with community leaders, elected officials, and other law enforcement agencies, building relationships and expanding Elbert County’s law enforcement presence. He has instituted many improvements and cost saving programs within the jail, training and patrol divisions, and departmental administration.


Summary of Experience and Qualifications:


  • State of Colorado – Post Certified Level 1 peace officer
  • Member of The United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association
  • Member of the Western States Sheriff’s Association
  • Member of County Sheriff’s Of Colorado
  • Member National Sheriff’s Association
  • Member Elizabeth C-1 School Safety Board
  • Member Elbert County Communications Authority
  • Member National Rifle Association
  • Member Eastern Plains Law Enforcement Association
  • Graduate Special Weapons and Tactics Operators Immersion Course (SOIC) – Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Certified Clandestine Lab Safety, HIDTA
  • Certified Instructor: Taser, Intoxilyzer, OC Aerosol, Arrest Control, Distraction Devices, Chemical Munitions, 12gauge less lethal, 37mm & 40mm launching platforms and ordinance



Awards and Recognitions:


  • Awarded – Medal of Valor
  • Awarded – Medal of Merit
  • Awarded – Life Saving Medal
  • Awarded Deputy of the Year and Outstanding Employee of the Year
  • Recognized by the EPA for dedicated professionalism during a joint operation
  • Recognized by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office for negotiation with a barricaded gunman during a joint operation
  • Recognized by the Elizabeth C-1 School district for contributions and assistance to the community.
  • Recognized by Limon Police department for tactical management of an officer involved shooting.




Sheriff Heap’s dedication to making Elbert County a safe place to live and raise a family is demonstrated in many ways. He regularly attends community meetings and special events where he is able to interact and communicate with citizens, discussing and addressing their concerns. He is actively involved in mentoring members of the Sheriff’s Office, and has provided leadership, management, and direction to employees and deputies at every level. Sheriff Heap works well with the County Commissioners and government officials, establishing working relationships and partnerships that are critical to the daily functions of the County.


INCREASING SCHOOL SAFETY – Safety in our schools has become an increasing priority under the leadership of Sheriff Heap. By establishing a daily presence in the schools and assigning specific deputies to serve as school liaisons, he has improved interaction between the Sheriff’s Office and students, teachers and administrators, and provided a safer environment for Elbert County students.

IMPROVING SKILLS THROUGH TRAINING – Sheriff Heap recognizes the importance of Officer Safety and has shown his commitment to an increasingly professional manner of conducting law enforcement through continuing training for deputies. Under his current structure, deputies are cross-trained and function in multiple roles, ensuring more efficient and effective service to the community. In addition, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office now has instructors in Arrest Control, Firearms, Tasers, Standard Field Sobriety Tests, Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Report Writing, Chemical Munitions, and many others. This in-house training method saves a significant amount of county funds and has resulted in a highly trained professional organization.

COST SAVING PROJECTS – Sheriff Heap has actually turned inmates incarcerated at the Elbert County Jail into a big part of the cost savings for the County. The Sheriff’s Office is mandated by Colorado State Statute to maintain a jail, and the Sheriff’s Office utilizes this work force to pick up trash, clean roadway signs and remove debris from roadways. Inmates are also utilized in daily cleaning and maintaining of the justice facility. Inmates are also utilized by the County’s Road and Bridge Department to assist in road projects. Additionally, work release and home detention programs not only offset the cost of housing inmates but those individuals are required to pay for all costs associated with the program. A small farm plot has been established at the Sheriff’s Office, where inmates grow their own vegetables during the spring and summer. The Sheriff’s Office has partnered with individuals and companies that donate food to the jail, simultaneously improving the quality of food and significantly reducing the cost of feeding inmates.

ADDRESSING AGRICULTURAL CRIMES -Farmers and ranchers are a high priority and valued members of Elbert County’s rural community and lifestyle. Under the Sheriff’s leadership patrols of rural roads has increased. Sheriff, Heap has implemented a program called “Ranch Watch,” utilizing Sheriff’s Office no trespassing signs and additional patrols that provide safety and security for agricultural communities and ranchers.


Did you know? The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office handles over 10,000 calls for service each year!


The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for protecting and improving the quality of life for the citizens of the county within the following functions:


  • Law Enforcement: investigations, patrol, animal enforcement, crime prevention, traffic and vehicle code enforcement
  • Detention: county jail, prisoner transfers
  • Training: field work, crisis management, rapid response, equipment, use of force, drug enforcement
  • Community Service: school district support, public education programs, working with individuals, groups, agencies, businesses, schools, and community leaders to identify problems and implement solutions, and providing mutual aid to other agencies and counties
  • Administration: records, budgeting, victims’ advocates




Sheriff Heap sets priorities based on what is in the best interests of public safety. The following represent some of the focus areas Sheriff Heap is targeting as high-priority functions moving forward.

Traffic Safety – The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) contracted with the University of Colorado to prepare a “Problem Identification Report” that was published in early 2009. The purpose of the report was to develop behavioural and enforcement based programs that improve traffic safety. The report listed Elbert County as third in the state for counties whose licensed drivers have the highest probability of crashing. Studies show that the majority of accidents in the county are caused by excessive speed, and the Sheriff’s Office will continue to address citizen complaints regarding excessive speed on our roadways.

Victims’ Rights – The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office places a high priority on protecting the rights of crime victims, throughout the arrest and prosecution process. This function benefits from one of the premiere victim advocates in the State of Colorado.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse – These crimes are of ongoing concern in Elbert County, and such violence must be prevented. Vulnerable members of our community will be protected, and those perpetrating such crimes will be swiftly brought to justice.

Sexual Predators – The Sheriff’s Office regularly monitors those in our community with histories of perpetrating sex crimes and takes a proactive approach to prevent victimization. Random checks of these individuals along with special impact units track and arrest those in violation.