Elbert County Animal Control Impound

Elbert County Sheriffs Office may impound animals under the authority of Elbert County Resolution 99-44. If an imponded animal is yours you can claim them from Hallcrest Kennels unless the animal is on hold. Call 303-646-4626 to set an appointment. A $75.00 impound fee payable to the Elbert County Sheriffs Office is due prior to or at the time of pickup. There will be charges from the kennel for each days care provided. Hallcrest Kennels is a private non-county owned operation and all kennel fees are due and payable to Hallcrest Kennels at the time the animal is picked up.

Any animal impounded by the Sheriffs Office under ECR 99-44 that is not claimed within 7 calendar days is available for adoption. Contact Hallcrest Kennels to determine what animals are still available. The Sheriffs Office does not claim to have any knowledge of the habits or personality of any dog adopted and all adopters release the Sheriffs Office and Hallcrest Kennels from any and all liability associated with the adoption of these stray animals. Hallcrest kennels is a private non-county owned operation and all adoptions are private treaty between the adopter and Hallcrest Kennels.

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