Inmate Commisary

Commissary: Inmates are able to spend their own money to purchase commissary items. Commissary items include, but are not limited to: telephone time to make outside calls to family and friends, candy bars, coffee, soda pop, soup, stamps for letters, etc.. Family and friends can come to the detentions division to put money in the commissary account of a particular inmate.

Items may be brought in or shipped to an inmate. Acceptable items are soft cover books shipped directly from a vendor such as Amazon or Barns and Noble. The books must be sealed in the packaging from the vendor. Books with any sexual content will be refused. Other books will be reviewed and may be deemed inappropriate. Puzzle books such as Sudoku and crossword puzzle books are acceptable. Magazines are not accepted. All books entering the facility become the property of the facility upon the inmate's release.

Some articles of clothing may be brought in for an inmate. All clothing must be white. New socks, underwear, sports brassieres, and T-shirts may be brought in for an inmate. The clothing must be new and sealed in the factory packaging. Any brassiere brought in must not contain metal wire or metal hooks.

Items deemed not appropriate will be refused or may be placed in the inmate's property, available to them only upon release.

All commissary items, including food, clothing, games, electronics and assorted items can only be purchased/ordered though Turn Key Corrections. We do not accept items brought into the jail.

To order commissary for an inmate, you may log onto Turn Key Corrections at www.inmatecanteen. You will need to set up an account with a credit card. They do not charge the credit card until you make purchase.

From this website you may order commissary, email an inmate and receive emails from an inmate, text an inmate and receive a text from an inmate for a small fee.

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