Special Projects

Garden: The Elbert County Sheriff's Office has a garden which is mostly maintained by inmate workers. Vegetables are grown and are used in the kitchen to help offset the cost of produce.

Interior and exterior building maintenance: Escorted by a deputy sheriff, inmate workers clean the sheriff's office and jail facilities after hours. The inmate workers, clean restrooms, empty trash, mop floors, and vacuum common areas of the facility.

Chain gang: During the summer months, inmate workers pick up trash along public roadways and on county owned property. Traffic vests are worn by inmate workers as well as by deputies for high visibility and for safety. Road signs notify the motoring public of the chain gang operations ahead.

Maintenance: While supervised by a deputy sheriff, inmate workers are sometimes needed to paint offices or conduct minor repairs of offices in county owned buildings. Inmate workers also clean up facilities and grounds after special events, such as Simla Days, the Elbert County Fair and other events.

Inmate Programs: Inmates who wish to attend special programs, are able to do so. A pastor or clergy from various church groups, are granted permission to enter the detentions division to conduct Bible study with inmates who wish to take part in the program. Other programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous enter the facility to conduct their support group.

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