The Elbert County Sheriff's Posse, (an IRS 501 C3 non-profit) has been a part of Elbert County for most of 70 years and perhaps longer. It has also been known as the County Posse or just The Posse. The Posse is an organized group of citizens who volunteer their time to the community through local law enforcement. Posse members are unpaid volunteer employees of the Sheriffs Office who perform services in support of the Sheriffs Office without promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for the services rendered. Volunteers are intended to supplement and support, rather than supplant sworn officers and career service employees. Posse members are not sworn peace officers and do not have the powers of arrest or other law enforcement prerogatives. Posse personnel aid and assist law enforcement and emergency services personnel, search & rescue, security duty at county and community events as well as administrative duties in the Sheriffs Office.

The Elbert County Sheriffs Posse is a registered Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) group created by President George Bush after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. See Police Volunteers for more information

In addition to necessary training provided by the Sheriffs Office, Posse members will also be trained through the Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) training conducted by the county Emergency Management office. See Citizen Corps for information on the national CERT program.

All Posse members are volunteers and are sworn to uphold the law and must submit a detailed application, pass a criminal background check, and pass an interview process.

A minimum of 8 hours of volunteer service time is required each month as is a minimum of training hours. Attendance at regular monthly meetings is mandatory in order to help keep the group organized, trained, and focused on their roles.

The reward for participating in the Posse is personal satisfaction derived from helping the community as well as the camaraderie with others in the Posse, within the Sheriff's Office, local law enforcement and Fire Depts.

For more information on joining The Elbert County Sheriff's Posse or donating equipment or resources, contact Dave Peontek at 303/ 646-5456 or djp1911@msn.com

Applications for membership may be found here:

Employment Application

Please use the above application. Print the application out, fill it in by hand and return it to the Sheriffs Office at 751 Ute Avenue - P.O. Box 486, Kiowa, Colorado 80117

Note that you are applying for the POSSE at the top of the application page.

For more information on the Elbert County Sheriffs Posse, go to:Countyposse.org

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