Investigative Process

When a crime has been reported, the responding officer's first concern is for the safety of all involved. Once the officer has established that the victim and anyone else involved at the scene are safe, the investigation begins. The Sheriff's Office realizes the need to offer more than the response a qualified law enforcement officer can give. A deputy on the scene is better able to focus his/her efforts on the investigation if the victim is receiving the individual attention he/she deserves. Victim Advocates provide on-scene support and advocacy to victims and their families affected by crime or trauma.

Having information and understanding about law enforcement responsibilities, as well as your responsibilities as a victim throughout the criminal justice process may be helpful to you at this time.

Law Enforcement Responsibilities

Law enforcement agencies have the responsibility to provide the victim written information about:

Please remember… a victim, YOU are the most important part of the investigation, the apprehension of a suspect, and the judicial system.