V.I.N. Verification

A V.I.N. verification is required when:

  • A vehicle is brought into Colorado and is titled and/or registered out of state/country.
  • A purchased vehicle is brought into Colorado and the title was issued from another state/country.
  • A vehicle is transferred on a Purged Bill of Sale.
  • A correction is required on the title pertaining to the vehicle description.

  • Citizens can come to the sheriff's office for a V.I.N. inspection with the vehicle needing the inspection. Detentions division staff check the vehicle and complete the form required by the Department of Motor Vehicle. The fee for a V.I.N. inspection at the sheriff's office is $10.

    If you are unable to bring the vehicle to the sheriff's office for the inspection, you may call dispatch at (303) 660-7500 to request to have a deputy come to your residence to complete the V.I.N. Inspection. The fee for this is $25.00. Cash, personal check or money order is accepted.

    A Certified V.I.N. verification is required when:

  • A vehicle requiring a surety bond to establish ownership.
  • Vehicles that are homemade, rebuilt and/or reconstructed. Vehicles built from kits.
  • Vehicles where V.I.N. has been removed/changed/altered/obliterated and must obtain a Colorado assigned I.D. number.
  • Trailers over 2000# requiring an assigned trailer I.D.
  • Salvage vehicles being made roadworthy.
  • Private/public tow bills

  • Please note: If you require a Certified V.I.N. verification, you will need to contact the Colorado State Patrol. Specialized training is required to complete a Certified V.I.N. verification.

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