Work Release and Home Detention

Work Release and In Home Detention: The Elbert County Sheriff's Office has a Work Release program as well as an In Home Detention program. Inmates, who are given permission by the courts to be on the Work Release program, are incarcerated detentions division at night. During the day, that inmate is released and goes to work at their regular paying job. Inmates involved in the In Home Detention program are required to wear a GPS ankle bracelet so deputies can monitor their location. In most cases, the inmate is required to stay at their residence. Inmates who wish to participate in the work release program, must get approval by the courts at the time of sentencing. If approved through the courts, the individual must be accepted into the program by the sheriff's office. Once the application has been completed, the work release coordinator will review the application and make a determination if the person qualifies for the program.

To qualify for the program, the person must have current gainful employment. Payment for program must be paid for in advance and must be kept up to date. Times of payments to the program will vary, depending upon the individual and his/her payday. The program starts at $22 per day. This cost covers the sheriff's office personnel monitoring the program as well as the cost of daily GPS tracking and equipment. Court ordered alcohol monitoring is also available. The actual costs for all of these programs vary, depending upon the salary of the individual enrolled in the program. Contact Deputy Carlos Estrada at (303) 621-2027 x6240

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