Sheriff Norton

Sheriff Tim Norton was born in Pennsylvania and started his law enforcement career there in 1984.
In 1986 he accepted a position with The Phoenix Police Department.
He spent the next 30 years working various details.
Recruit Training Officer, Field Training Officer, and lead K9 Trainer to name a few.

Over his distinguished career he was also President of the Fraternal Order of Police Southwest Regional Director for ALECA.

Executive Board Member and Certifying Official for the NPCA
Certified Instructor and has taught all across the country
Has received the special recognition award from the DEA
Has taken over 2 millions dollars in drug money off the street
Has taken over 5 million dollars worth off illegal narcotics off the street
Was recognized by America’s Most Wanted for catching one of their top 10 fugitives Has received numerous awards and multiple commendations
Medal of Life Saving
Medal of Valor
Medal of Merit
Sheriff Norton moved to Elbert County after retiring from The Phoenix Police Department in June 2016. His ideas for the future are simple, Customer Service is always a top priority, community based policing, building relationships with citizens and businesses in Elbert County.
Work together as a team with all first responders in Elbert County as well as surrounding Counties.