Courts & Transports


The detentions division in addition to holding prisoners is also responsible for making sure that the inmates held in our jail or in other facilities attend designated court dates in Elbert County. The Elbert County Courthouse is accessed through secure corridors by authorized personnel. Inmates are secured for all appearances with security belts, handcuffs and leg irons. This procedure is upheld and followed for all inmates. Exceptions to these procedures are only changed on the order of a judge, the sheriff, or for medical reasons. Prisoners held in other jails around the state on charges from that jurisdiction and also having charges in Elbert County are picked up, brought to court and transported back to the primary holding authority. After sentencing, these same inmates may be brought to Elbert County to serve their sentences. For information concerning the courts, contact the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office Detentions Division at (303) 621-2027 x6120

The Detention Division moves prisoners from other agencies, medical facilities, Mental Health Centers around the state as well as to other jails and the state prisons. When transports are needed from other states, or other areas of the state, Elbert County works with numerous agencies around the state and the western United States. Transports Across Colorado, (TAC) and the Northwest Shuttle are two of the organizations that assist Sheriff’s offices around the state and the Department of Corrections in moving these prisoners. The Elbert County Sheriffs Office conducted more than 550 transports of prisoners and drove nearly 15,000 miles for prisoner transports throughout the State of Colorado in the calendar year 2011. More than 900 man hours were spent transporting prisoners around the state and transporting prisoners to and from the Elbert County Combined Courts.