About our Jail

The jail facility opened in 1984 and is the only detention facility in Elbert County. The day to day operation is based on Sheriff Heap’s “no frills” philosophy, and provides safety and security for staff and Inmates. The Facility currently houses all classifications of Inmates.

The Elbert County jail houses Inmates for the Elizabeth Police Department, Kiowa Police Department, Simla Police Department, Colorado State Patrol as well as State and Federal law enforcement agencies.

The Deputies that operate the facility minimize Inmate movement by providing needs (such as medical, education, visitation, religious services and various rehabilitation programs) within the Inmate’s secured areas. Safety and security of the Inmates and the facility is the top priority of the ECSO Detentions Division.

The facility houses adult male and female offenders of all classifications.  Pre-sentenced and sentenced Inmates are housed in the facility. Inmates housed in the jail which are considered escape risks, violent or dangerous, or by the nature of their charges may require intense security housing.

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office Detentions Division has been in existence since the establishment of Elbert County, on February 2, 1874.

Population: The Inmate numbers for the jail have fluctuated over the past few years with the Inmate population exceeding maximum capacity multiple times in past several years.

Meal Preparation and Service: The full service kitchen serves approximately 48,000 meals annually. All meals are done in accordance with the standards set forth by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and AJA (American Jail Association) standards. During times of emergency of severe weather, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office Detentions kitchen has served victims of crime, catastrophes and persons held up because of severe weather conditions.

Commissary: Inmates are able to spend their own money to purchase commissary items online, such as clothing, games, electronics, food, etc..  They can also utilize their funds to make telephone calls. Family and friends can come to the detentions division to put money in the commissary account of a particular Inmate or by electronic transaction.  Soft cover books may be shipped to an Inmate, but ONLY if shipped from a vendor such as Amazon or Barns and Noble. The books must be new and sealed from the vendor. Books with any sexual content will be refused. Books received will be reviewed and may be deemed inappropriate. Puzzle books such as Sudoku and crossword puzzle books are acceptable. Magazines are not accepted. All books entering the facility become the property of the facility upon the inmate’s release.