Civil Paperwork

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office can only serve civil papers within Elbert County. If you have papers that need to be served outside of Elbert County, you will need to contact the Sheriff’s Office or a private process server in that county.

The Sheriff has a role as the executive branch of the District and County Courts, and is required by law to serve civil and criminal process and to execute writs and orders from these courts.

Civil papers can be received at our office or can be mailed to us. Payment must be received prior to us serving the papers.

Sheriff’s Office employees are not allowed to give legal advice. This includes the eviction process or how to fill out court documents. This type of information can be obtained through an attorney’s office or the Colorado courts website at

Note: Go to the above court website and follow directions below for forms.

Self Help Forms

    • 1. Locate tabs on home page
    • 2. Click on SELF HELP for information
    • 3. Click on FORMS to download
    • 4. Locate your case type
    • 5. Use black ink and 12pt font
    6. Print appropriate form

The Sheriff’s Office charges are set by statute. All fees are per one person and not location. If there is more than one set of papers going to the same address then only one mileage fee will be charged.

See common fees: civil fees


If you need to obtain a restraining order, you can contact the Elbert County Court’s at (303) 621-2131. If you need to report a violation of a protection order, you need to contact the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the violation occurred.


The Eviction Process


Requirements for Writ of Restitution