Ranch Watch

Ranch Watch

The Ranch Watch Program ® is designed to prevent criminal activities in rural and ranching communities. The program works for land and livestock owners in rural subdivisions or large ranches and those in between, through education, and information. Those using the “No Trespassing” sign have had considerably less trespass problems. The Ranch Watch Reflective Road Sign warns criminals as they travel rural county roads. Rural neighbors watching out for each other and their property is not new, but centuries old.

However, the signs let criminals know they are under the watchful eye of a neighbor or a Sheriff’s Deputy patrolling the area. Criminals, or those about to become criminals understand what the Ranch Watch Program ® logo, handcuffs with eyes, signifies.

Warning signs are one part of the Ranch Watch Program ®, the program also includes:


  • Identification Program for your tack and equipment
  • Extra Patrol Requests
  • Signs- No Trespass, Keep Gate Closed, Equine signs, etc.
  • Sheriff’s Internet Web page with information on most common Fence, Trespass and other Livestock laws

And of course the Ranch Watch logo “Handcuffs with eyes ®” tells it all!

For more information or to enroll in the program contact Joni Brandsted @ 303-805-6129 or ask any deputy.